Marks Gives Update on Master Plan for Fifth District

Fifth District Baltimore County Councilman David Marks gives an update about the Master Plan adopted by Baltimore County last night-

At its meeting on Feb. 20, the Baltimore County Council adopted a new Master Plan to help guide land use and budgeting decisions over the next decade; over the next few days, we will highlight elements of this blueprint.

The plan advocates for preserving green space and the county’s farming areas, and redeveloping aging areas such as communities along Belair and Harford Roads. The plan prioritizes the reform of the Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance to address school overcrowding and traffic congestion.

The Plan includes several amendments I sponsored to reflect the unique character of the Fifth District.

The plan directs county government to initiate a separate planning effort for White Marsh Mall, the town center, and the Middle River area.

Earlier this year, I blocked a controversial industrial development at the Lafarge Quarry.

The Master Plan identifies conservation and compatible development for this site, as identified through a planning effort or an overlay, with the requirement that a connection be constructed to White Marsh Boulevard, avoiding local routes.

The plan prioritizes the preservation of the former C.P. Crane plant property as open space.

The plan prohibits the expansion of Chapel Road in Perry Hall and Ebenezer Road in White Marsh; and any connection of Gunview Road to Belair Road or Forge Road to Belair Road.

In all these neighborhoods, we have heard concerns that road engineers want to build projects that are inconsistent with the character of established neighborhoods.

The plan urges that sewer extensions be driven by health concerns—not development. I am very concerned about the cost of sewer projects in parts of my district, such as on Bengies Road, where there are many residents on fixed income.

That is why I blocked a recent sewer extension project that would have subjected these residents to tens of thousands of dollars in additional costs.

Finally, another one of my amendments prioritizes investment in the Belmont-Dunfield community, an aging community.

The Master Plan is an important document, and I appreciate the many hours of work spent by community leaders, the Department of Planning, and other stakeholders in crafting this blueprint for the future.

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B.J. Joseph

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