Meet the Candidates- Tony Campbell County Council District 6 will preview some of the local races and candidates for the Nov. 8 Election. Here is Tony Campbell. He is a Republican running for Cathy Bevin’s open seat in County Council District 6.

Why have you decided to run for county council?

The people of the 6th Councilmanic District deserve a County Council member who will represent and value their ideas, fight for the needs of every community and earn their respect.

My goal, when elected, is to FIX BALTIMORE COUNTY by recovering the proper role of local government. The proper goal of local government is to provide services to its residents – infrastructure, public safety, and education.

What are your qualifications to run?

Faculty, Department of Political Science, Towson University (2004-present)

Member – Baltimore County Charter Review Commission (2017)
Vice Chairman, Baltimore County School Board Nomination Commission (2017-present)

What are some of the major issues in District 6?

Infrastructure – the response to pandemic caused serious damage to local, small businesses. Many of these small businesses received no help from government who told them their businesses were non-essential. If elected, I will make sure local government will not abuse its authority to deprive its residents the ability to make a living for themselves and provide for their families.

Education – demand accountability from BCPS Central Bureaucracy on Charles Street. If elected, I will push for the County Council just like other legislative bodies, to have robust oversight authority on how, why, where and when BCPS allocates and spend the money given to it by the taxpayers of Baltimore County.

Public Safety – Advocating for a regional approach to reduce violent crime. Violent crime in the 6th Councilmanic District is impacted by the lack of enforcement of crime in Baltimore City. Every resident of Baltimore County should feel safe in their neighborhood.

What are your goals for your first year in office?

Mandate twice a year open question and answer sessions between the BCPS Superintendent and the public.

Give the Inspector General broader investigatory powers including independent audit authority of the actions of County Government.

Allow for more transparency into the development / zoning process including any potential conflicts of interest between developer projects and political benefactor

Any other information you would like to add?

Thank you so much for taking the time to find out more about why I want to serve as your representative on the Baltimore County Council. If I am elected, I will always work for You, THE PEOPLE First!

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