Middle River Cemetery to Host Controversial Egg Hunt

-photo courtesy of dignitymemorial.com-

Holly Hill Memorial Gardens announced that it will be hosting their first annual egg hunt on Saturday, April 8.

That has caused some controversy in the community as many feel it is disrespectful to host an egg hunt at a cemetery.

“This is a memorial garden not an amusement park for kids,” wrote one commenter on the Holly Hill Facebook page.

There were other critical statements about the event. Holly Hill responded by explaining this event will be held in an empty field that it owns and not near the cemetery grounds.

“This event is not on or near anyone’s loved one’s graves. This is a community event for children,” Holly Hill responded to the criticism.

That explanation was not enough for many residents as they explained the site should not be used for an egg hunt, even if it is away from the burial area. One of those critics is Del. Ryan Nawrocki.

“I have some fundamental concerns about this event whether it is on graves or not. The cemetery, at least in my mind, is supposed to be a place of solitude and reverence,” Nawrocki wrote on the Holly Hill social media page.

“I’ll be reaching out this week to discuss as I’m not sure that everyone is going to feel this is the best way to remember their loved ones.”

There were many other comments that opposed the idea. There was at least one person that was in support of the egg hunt.

“If they are doing it in an empty field I don’t understand why everyone is outraged I have family here to and I know there will be no kids near the site,” one person wrote. “If you have been recently, you know there’s plenty of land away from any site that can be used.”

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