Del Long “The Key Bridge Collapse and Prioritizing Spending”

The following article was submitted by Delegate Bob Long about the Key Bridge collapse and voting against tax increases

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives were lost and their families who are directly impacted by this unfortunate event.

This tragedy will not only have a traumatic effect on our county, but will also affect the country.

Named after Francis Scott Key who had a very famous legacy in American History, this bridge has carried an average of 35,000 cars over the Patapsco River daily and millions yearly. It has been an iconic symbol of Baltimore since its construction in 1977.

It is imperative we use whatever means necessary to rebuild the bridge Better, Stronger and Safer.

On Monday April 1, 2024, my office contacted Governor Moore’s Chief of Staff regarding renaming the Francis Scott Key Bridge to Francis Scott Key Memorial Bridge.

The new name would serve as a tribute to the six men who lost their lives on that tragic day and to all the dedicated law enforcement officers and first responders who risked their own lives on that tragic day.

Given the turn of events with this tragedy, we need to re-evaluate any new spending that would affect our constituent given the full effect of this tragedy on our economy.

The Federal Government has allocated $60 million already to help with the cleanup. Cranes and crews are starting to clear the blockage of steel for a path.

I have pledged not to vote for any new taxes or fees. I voted against Senate Bill 362 (Budget
Reconciliation and Financing Act of 2024) This will cause one of the largest tax increases to our state.

Therefore, we must remain strong and make sure we prioritize the bridge and its impacts. We must make sure our spending is going towards viable services. We must make sure we remember our workers and the duties they perform to keep our world running.

B.J. Joseph

Benjamin Joesph has covered news in Eastern Baltimore County since 2006. He started as a reporter with the original East County Times in 2006. He started East Baltco News and later in 2022.