Henn Criticizes Board Members for Dissolving Accountability

Fifth District BCPS School Board Member Julie Henn released a statement about her fellow school board member’s decision to dissolve the Budget Accountability committee.

“Last night’s disbandment of the board budget committee is the latest move by leadership to block governance and decrease transparency.

We need to understand how more than $2 billion annually are allocated and to recommend adjustments for teaching and learning success. This is the board’s job – and it’s state law. But once again, we have been blocked from doing it. We are blocked from asking the questions on your minds – and from receiving the information we need to make informed decisions.

This work matters. And the citizens of Baltimore County deserve better. You deserve a board that does its job and doesn’t take no for an answer. “

Julie Henn


B.J. Joseph

Benjamin Joesph has covered news in Eastern Baltimore County since 2006. He started as a reporter with the original East County Times in 2006. He started East Baltco News and later Eastcountytimes.com in 2022.