Disc Golf Course to be Built in White Marsh Area

A brand new Disc Golf Course is being built at the Days Cove Park site in White Marsh, and will have a 9-hole beginner course and an 18-hole intermediate/advanced course.

The Days Cove Park site, located at 5907 Allender Road, is mostly wooded and presently undeveloped. The park was acquired in three parts, with all purchases funded through Maryland’s Program Open Space grant program. The most recent park additions have paved the way for the site’s development as a woodlands-based disc golf course.

The project is advancing through the design development phase, with thorough environmental reviews and collaboration underway.

The concept reflects public feedback indicating a preference against a walking path, to position the parking lot as far north as feasibly possible within the design parameters and to locate the course at a distance from neighboring parcels and residences.

The Days Cove Disc Golf Course is a proposed new 27-hole disc golf course with parking access off of Allender Road. The parking lot is strategically located to provide safe ingress and egress, allowing for maximum sight distance along the roadway, as well as a central location between the beginners’ course (nine holes) and the intermediate/advanced course (18 holes). Its location also avoids the steeper topography as you head west on Allender Road.

The 27 holes take maximum advantage of the useable land, allowing for a more sustainable layout and to avoid environmental constraints such as steep slopes, stream buffers and wetlands. The disc golf design consultant has designed a course that maximizes woodland views and has allowed room in the low-laying northwest corner to buffer the course from existing commercial developments with additional setbacks and new landscape screening.

The expected design development completion is expected by September 2024.
The estimated construction start for this project is April 2025 with the estimated construction completion by the fall of 2025

B.J. Joseph

Benjamin Joesph has covered news in Eastern Baltimore County since 2006. He started as a reporter with the original East County Times in 2006. He started East Baltco News and later Eastcountytimes.com in 2022.