Previewing Local Races in Eastern Baltimore County

Here is a preview of the local races in Eastern Baltimore County for the House of Delegates, State Senate County Council and Congress for Tuesday.

Governor-Dan Cox vs. Wes Moore
There is enough information on this race from outside the area. I will defer to other statewide media outlets to analyze this race

County Executive John Olszewski vs. Pat McDonough
This race also falls into “defer to other media outlets” but this race is interesting locally as Olszewski is from Dundalk and McDonough is from Middle River.

Redistricting has created three Congressional districts in Eastern Baltimore County.
District 1 covers all of the Eastern Shore and dips into Perry Hall. Republican Congressman Andy Harris should easily defeat Democratic nominee Heather Mizeur in that district.

District 7 is mostly made up of Baltimore City but some of the district enters into Dundalk and Edgemere. Congressman Kweisi Mfume is the overwhelming favorite over Republican candidate Scott Collier, who is the founder of Dundalk TV and an advocate for Traumatic Brain Injury.

A race that could be competitive is District 2. Democratic Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger’s 2nd District now makes up of Baltimore (Essex, White Marsh, Parkville, Rosedale and Middle River) and Carroll counties and a small portion of Baltimore City. Ruppersberger is being challenged by Republican Nicolee Ambrose, National Committeewoman for Maryland for the RNC.
There are more Republican voters in this district than in 2020 but are there enough to help Ambrose?

State Senate
There is not too much excitment in the local State Senate races. In District 7
(Middle River, Perry Hall & White Marsh), Republican Sen. J.B. Jennings is unopposed.
6th District (Dundalk Essex, Edgemere & Rosedale) state Sen. Johnny Ray Salling should have little trouble against Democratic challenger Corey Edwards.

The only local state Senate race that could be competitive is in District 8 (Parkville, Overlea, Nottingham and Fullerton). Democratic Sen. Kathy Klausmeier is being challenged by Republican Ken Fitch. Klausmeier has been senator since 2002. Republicans came close to defeating her in 2018 when Republican Christian Miele lost to her 51 to 49 percent. It will be harder for Fitch since redistricting has resulted in more Democratic voters for District 8.

House of Delegates
In District 6 (Dundalk, Essex, Edgemere & Rosedale) Republican Delegates Bob Long, Robin Grammar, & Ric Metzgar should easily get reelected as they only face two Democratic opponents.
The same can be said in District 7A (Middle River, Perry Hall & White Marsh) as Republicans Ryan Nawrocki & Del. Kathy Szeliga are heavy favorites in a newly formed two member district against only one Democratic opponent
Lydia X. Z. Brown.

The interesting House of Delegates race is in District 8 (Parkville, Overlea, Nottingham and Fullerton)The district currently has two Democrats- Delegates Harry Bhandari and Carl Jackson and Republican Del. Joe Boteler.
Redistricting sent Boteler to District 7A where he lost in the primary to Nawrocki.

His seat is open and Democrat Nick Allen is trying to take that open seat to join Bhandari and Jackson.

The Republican team of Glen Geelhaar, Tim Neubauer & Kathleen Smero are trying to keep Boteler’s seat and perhaps take Bhandari and Jackson seats. Neither party has had control of all three seats in District 8 since the start of the 1990s. That trend of a split district will likely continue in 2022.

County Council
Right now the Baltimore County Council has a 4 to 3 Democratic majority. The Democratic councilmembers on west and northwest side (Districts 1, 2, & 4) should easily get reelected.

The Republicans on the north and east side (Wade Kach D-3, David Marks D-5 & Todd Crandell D-7) should also have no trouble with reelection.

The battleground district is in District 6 (Parkville, Rosedale, Overlea and Towson) as current Democratic Councilwoman Cathy Bevins is not seeking reelection.

Republican Tony Campbell is trying to give the GOP a 4 to 3 County Council majority. Mike Ertel is trying to hold onto this seat for the Democrats.

Check back tonight with election results.

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