Speed Cameras Without Limits

– by Delegates Ryan Nawrocki & Kathy Szeliga (District 7A) and Lauren Arikan (District 7B)-

Recently, a bill was introduced to put speed cameras all over Baltimore County!

Currently in Baltimore County, expansion of speed cameras beyond school zones requires approval from legislators in Annapolis. This proposal will allow speed cameras on any road with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.

It will give the County carte blanche control over the number of speed cameras installed. There will be no checks and balances on them. It matches legislation already passed in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County. Does Baltimore County want to begin modeling legislation after them? We think not.

While the bill’s supporters say it is meant for safety, it starts there but it then turns into an endless number of speed camera ATMs spitting out $40 or more tickets.

Baltimore County collected over $7 million last year with current speed cameras! As soon as we heard the bill in the Baltimore County Delegation, we asked constituents on social media to react to the proposal.

While there were some responses that shared our concerns about speeding and the safety of children, the overall message was clear. Citizens see this as a money grab.

One man said, “The only punishment is a monetary fine and you get no points so there are no long lasting consequences for your l actions. It’s been proven that speed cameras do not change behaviors. They are just a money maker.”

Other constituent remarks include asking the state to cut our taxes instead, recognizing that the speed camera companies get the bulk of the fines, and getting tired of the state “doing whatever they can to make us poor!”

Speed cameras only slow drivers down near the camera. That was the argument to put them near schools in the first place. It’s understandable for the public to ask if speed cameras are truly beneficial in keeping our roads safe, or are they simply a revenue generator for county governments?

The National Motorists Association (NMA), was founded in 1982 and they continue to support efforts to retain motorists’ freedoms and rights. They believe in freedom and responsibility to make choices, not in ‘one size fits all’ legislation, ticket cameras, unfair driving taxes, revenue-motivated traffic courts, and speed traps.

They support traffic laws based on sound engineering principles and public consensus — not political agendas.

The National Motorists Association opposes speed cameras. Instead, they support various alternative methods, such as increasing yellow-light time, making traffic signs more visible, and consistent upkeep on intersections, and police radar.

If you are opposed to this bill which will enable unlimited speed cameras, you can weigh in. Sign our petition so we can let our colleagues know that citizens do not support this bill.

We have already had constituents from 45 zip codes have signed the petition including Essex, Cockeysville, Glen Arm, Long Green, Owings Mills, Reisterstown, Glyndon, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Sparks, Pleasant Hills, Upperco, Towson, Pikesville, Parkton, Catonsville, Arbutus, Halethorpe, Lansdowne, Joppa, Dundalk, Kingsville, Parkville, Middle River, Fallston, Baldwin and Nottingham!

To showcase how other measures can be taken to ensure road safety, our office recently reached out to the State Highway Administration after receiving concerns from constituents.

There is an intersection at the corner of Belair Road and New Cut Road just south of the Harford County border that has many residents concerned due to the many serious accidents, fatalities, and high speed of vehicles. We have
requested a traffic study to be done at the location.

The District Engineer responded back that a study will be completed by early May which will include findings and recommendations. We are hopeful that measures like these will ensure the safety of citizens, rather than the numerous concerns that can arise from unlimited speed cameras.

Benjamin Joseph

Benjamin Joesph has covered news in Eastern Baltimore County since 2006. He started as a reporter with the original East County Times in 2006. He started East Baltco News and later Eastcountytimes.com in 2022.

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  1. Baltimore County has been sliding for several years now. Excessive abuse of speed cameras, plastic bag bans, allowing melees in our malls, allowing thieves to steel $1,000 before they can be charged shows how out of touch the leadership of Baltimore County Council and Executive are.

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