Crazy Tuna Penalized by County After Noise Complaint

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The Crazy Tuna in Essex announced on its social media page that it has been “penalized”  by Baltimore County for a noise complaint, which results in a ban for serving liquor this weekend.

“We would like to make a quick statement to squash any misinformation that is spreading. Due to noise complaints for live music, the county has decided to penalize us this weekend, ” said the Crazy Tuna.

“This means we are not permitted to serve alcohol this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Live music has been cancelled for the weekend. We are going to work on other dates later for the bands which had to be cancelled. We will resolve this issue very quickly and you can look forward to live music and our bars open again shortly. We do invite you to come out this weekend for some great food, great service, and great atmosphere!”

The restaurant, located at 203 Naticoke Road, added that this closure will result in a loss of income for their staff, which they stated it very difficult. They will announce adjustments for the future of their entertainment schedule.

“The Crazy Tuna & Grill works very hard to exist in a community that we care about. Just to be clear, we will be making some immediate changes to our live music performances to coexist with all. We take it very seriously, thanks,” said the restaurant.

Del. Bob Long, who represents the Essex district where the restaurant’ resides, doesn’t agree with the County’s decision to penalize the Crazy Tuna. Long added he fully supports the restaurant.

“The Crazy Tuna has been ordered not to  have live music or sell liquor for two weekends due a noise violation.This is unfair to place these restrictions on a small business,” Long said in a statement.

“I  have made several phone calls to share my concerns what affects that this puts on employee and the business owner.”

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