Rosedale VFC Announces Santa Detail

The Rosedale Volunteer Fire Company released their Santa Detail schedule for the communities of Rosedale, Rossville, Overlea, Eastwood, Hazelwood and Elmwood.

Thursday, Dec. 7 at 6 p.m.
(Eastwood) E. Baltimore St, Eastbrook, North Point Rd, Conley, Bridgewood, Bank, Pembrooke, Stratton Way, E. Baltimore St. 51, 52, 53, 54th, Bank,
(Rosedale) Wynbrook, Delegge Rd, Getty Drive, Garvey, Tarpleys, Winkle, Manger, Talc, Golden Ring Road, Kenwood Ave, Coco Rd, Chapel Hill Dr. Philadelphia, Cavel, Burnfield, Allison, Corkley

Friday, Dec. 8 at 6 p.m. (Hazelwood area)North Hazelwood Avenue, Raspe, Charles, Marglenna, Mannington, Meadows, Daybreak, Cynthia, Farmview, McFaul, Westbury, Greencastle, Common, Ellinwood, Willann
Flintshire, Kilbourne, Langdale, Hazelwood, Shady Spring, McKay

Saturday, Dec. 9 at noon
(Elmwood)Kenwood, Meadows, Forest, Forest Village, Elmwood, Dale, St. Patrick, Glenmar, Greenwood, Ridgeway, Gum Spring, Brushfield, Stonecutter, Leatherwood, Gilly, Stellabrooke, Perryspring, Rossford, Ridle, Marella, Cedar Pond.

Sunday, Dec. 10 at noon
(Rossville) Philadelphia Road Lennings to Ridge Road. Fontana Lane, Ridge Road, Aspinwood, Maidstone, Trimble, Lennings, Kelly Ann Way, Aaron Mae Way, Franklin Square Drive, Upton Circle, Trumps Mill, Averill, Ross Ridge, Parham, Ridgebourne Martin Farm

Sunday, Dec. 10 at 6 p.m.
(Overlea) Kenwood Avenue, North Lane, East Avenue, Trumps Mill, Rush Road, Fullerton, Linden, Beech, Willowdale, Lynn Dale, Terrance Dr., Sipple, Ellior, Leslie, Linhigh, Fullerton, Beech, Willowdale, Linden,Overton, Nicole Grace Drive, Edro Avenue, Rainville Avenue, Cardwell, Henry Avenue.

Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 6 p.m.
(North Rosedale) Chesaco, Radecke, Marquette, St. Regis, Callo, Candlewood, Horst, Sagamore, National, Analee, McCormick, Hamiton, Armhiem, Utrecht Rubens, Whitby, Van Dyke, Woodhaven, Dorset, Edwill, Chesaco, Neighbors, Lancelot, Brian

Wednesday, Dec. 13 at 6 p.m.
(North Rosedale) Philadelphia Road, Summitt  Ave, South Road, Aster Road, Longview Ave, Rosedale Heights, 62nd, 63rd, and 64th streets, Dalrose, Rosedale Avenue, Oakdale, Beechdale, Riverdale, Sumter, Elmhurst, Bridge, Duvall, Shirley, Rosedale Ave, Gilmore, Chesaco Ave, Severn Ave, Potomac, Alnit, Edgewater, Polar, Choptank.

Thursday, Dec.14 at 6 p.m.
(South Rosedale).Philadelphia Road, Hamilton, Bluegrass, Hamilton Circle, 31,32,33, 34, 35 streets Rosewick, Philadelphia Road, Seling, Pinecrest, Pine Grove Ave, Spring Avenue, Karl Avenue, Rustic Avenue, Hilldale Road, Neigbors Ave., Primose Avenue, Old Phildephia Road, Berkwood Road, Berkfield Road, Kendrick Road

Please note that all dates and times are subject to change due to requests for service.

For more information, visit their website

Here is a full list of holiday events in Eastern Baltimore County.

B.J. Joseph

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