Incident Reported at Perry Hall High

BCPS Board of Education Chair Julie Henn shared information at an Incident at Perry Hall High School on Wednesday. She also shared a email that was sent to parents. First Henn’s statement

“I have been in touch with BCPS leadership regarding an incident near dismissal this afternoon at Perry Hall High. There was no threat to the school.

The incident was handled by BCPS and BCPD according to policies and protocols – ensuring the safety of those involved. Appropriate consequences will be administered.

The school community will receive more information from school administrators and I will share details when available and made public.”

Here is the email sent home to the community:

Dear Parents and Guardians of Perry Hall High School,

I want to make you aware of an incident that occurred during dismissal this afternoon. Several students were engaged in a verbal altercation. As the situation escalated, one student grabbed a baseball bat and attempted to strike another student. Our School Resource Officer immediately responded to the scene and requested additional assistance from Baltimore County Police (BCoPD). A BCoPD officer deployed his taser but did not make contact with any of the students. One student was arrested. School administration, along with BCoPD, continue to investigate this incident.

Appropriate consequences will be given to the students involved as outlined in the Student Handbook and Policy. I want to remind our students that fighting in schools will not be tolerated. It is dangerous and extremely disruptive to the school operations. We will take swift disciplinary action and may refer students to law enforcement. In addition, it is our goal to help students understand the larger impact their actions have on others. We encourage our students to speak with a trusted adult when they have conflict with another student.

I am grateful for the cooperation of students and staff, and the collaboration with our SRO and the police department. I want you to be assured that the safety of our students is our top priority. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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