BCPS to Evaluate Additional Northeast High School Sites

The BCPS Board of Education approved a change to the county capital budget request that will allow BCPS to consider sites other than Loch Raven High for a new high school. Many community leaders do not approve of <a href=”http://www.eastcountytimes.com/school/motion-to-consider-middle-river-high-school-site-fails/”>the idea of building on the existing site</a> of Loch Raven High School.

Fifth District BCPS Board of Education member Julie Henn passed on motion on Tuesday that removed the restriction of funds requested for Loch Raven High School. One site that many people were hoping for was the former Lafarge Quarry in Middle River on Earls Road. This budget change will allow BCPS to look into the possibility of Lafarge and other sites and provide planning money.

“I look forward to receiving the recommendation of BCPS and to moving forward with plans to address the needs of our northeast high school students,” Henn said.

Councilman David Marks has been very crtical of the “super-sized Loch Raven High School” and has been a big proponent of a true northeast site of a new high school.

“Last week, the County Council passed my resolution urging that the Lafarge site in Middle River be reviewed,” Marks said.

“I thank all my supportive colleagues, especially Julie Henn, for their help! This is a historic step forward.”



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