AVENUE to Expand Youth Escort Policy

The AVENUE at White Marsh has announced a full-time Youth Escort Policy for its shopping campus.

There was already a policy in place that required all visitors under the age of 17 to be accompanied by an adult over 21 on Weekends after 5 p.m.

This new policy expands the time frame to all-day, seven days a week.

“In partnership with BCPD and neighboring businesses, THE AVENUE at White Marsh Youth Escort Policy will be in effect daily – OPEN TO CLOSE – beginning Friday, 1/13/23 until further notice,” said a statement on the AVENUE’s Facebook page.

This announcement was made two days after Councilman David Mark’s office reported rumors of a possbile “social gathering” at White Marsh Mall.

” Our office has been in touch with the Baltimore County Police Department’s White Marsh precinct. They are aware of a social media post regarding a possible gathering at White Marsh Mall.
The precinct has known about this since Monday and will have a robust presence at the mall. I am confident they are doing their best to anticipate any unlawful activities that jeopardize the safety of the White Marsh Town Center,” Marks said in a statement.

“I personally will not accept any disruptive behavior and will push for consequences for anyone who creates disruption at our commercial centers. Councilwoman Bevins and I were involved in discussions that led to the youth escort policy at White Marsh Mall, and I will continue to aggressively support the mall and law enforcement.”

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