Santa on Fire Truck Returns to Dundalk

The Wise Avenue Volunteer Fire Company is once again bringing Santa around the Dundalk community.

All dates listed below are tentative and may vary with weather, staffing and emergency calls.

The WAVFC website will be updated with this years date and neighborhoods. We will also post that once the updates are provided.

Lited below are not the only streets, just some of the main ones in the area.

All areas will be started at approximately 6 p.m. unless noted next to the date. The first Santa tour is this Saturday, Nov. 26.

11/26 @ 5PM; ABC Streets, West Inverness, Harold Rd, Church Rd, Haven Streets, Bear Creek and Rosewald Beach

11/28; Oakleigh Beach, Charlesmont, Kimberly Rd, Wallace Rd

12/1; Stansbury, Stanbrook, Cornwall Rd, Mornington Rd, Fairgreed Rd, Sollers Point Rd, Belclare Rd

12/3 @ 5PM; Holabird Ave, Brentwood Ave, Rail Way Ave, Bethlemhem Ave, Delvale Ave, 48th St, Main Streets: Holabird Ave, Wise Ave, Trappe Rd, Merritt Blvd, Vesper Ave, Searles Rd, Four Georges Ct

12/6; Dun-Logan, Liberty Pwky, Dunbran Rd, Dunran Rd, Logan View Dr, Belclare Rd, Dunhaven Rd, Dundalk Ave, Dunmanway, Dunmore Rd, Dunran Rd, Mornington Rd, Liberity Pwky, York Way, Sollers Point Rd, Shipping Place, Center Place

12/8; Turners Station and Watersedge

12/10 @ 5PM; Gray Manor, Willow Rd, Spruce Rd, Cedar Rd, Maple Rd, Gum Rd

12/13; Carnegie Plat, 101 & 103 Centre Place

12/15; St Helena, Liberty Pkwy, York Wy, Shipway Rd, Portship Rd, Kinship Rd, Broadship Rd

12/18 @ 5PM; Dundalk Farms, Eastfield, Delvale Ave, Willow Spring Rd, Maxwell Ave, Sollers Point Rd, Portship Rd, Martell Ave

12/20 @ 5PM; Berkshire, 45th St., 48th St, 51st St, German Hill Rd, Wilson Ave.

Here is a full list of East Baltimore County Holiday Events

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