New Traffic Pattern Before I-95 Tunnel

Motorist traveling out of Eastern Baltimore County on I-95 South towards Baltimore City will notice a new traffic pattern before entering the Fort McHenry Tunnel.

Starting January 15, weather permitting, two highway speed lanes and two lanes through the toll plaza will be open for motorists traveling I-95 southbound at the Fort McHenry Tunnel.

Southbound tolls will be collected via new overhead electronic toll gantry just before the tunnel bore.

With gantry activation, toll feedback displays in former plaza are deactivated.

Stay alert and adhere to overhead lane-use signals.

All motorists must obey the posted speed limits for the lane of travel.

Motorists traveling in the left two lanes through the toll plaza will use the southbound left tube (Bore 2).

Commercial vehicles and motorists using Exit 55/Key Highway should stay right and use the southbound right tube (Bore 1).

Motorists entering southbound I-95 from Keith Avenue should use caution when merging with oncoming traffic.

Tolling remains in effect.

Northbound traffic shift and toll gantry activation is anticipated to occur late January – early February, weather permitting.

Always properly mount your E-ZPass transponder and keep your account up to date to receive the lowest toll rate.

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