Baltimore County GOP Condemns Pat McDonough

The Baltimore County Republican Central Committee has formally voted to condemn Baltimore County Executive Republican candidate Pat McDonough.

This is after fellow Republican candidate Darren Badillo brought the allegations of McDonough stealing his sign. Badillo provided photo evidence and McDonough later admitted on TV that he had removed Badillo’s sign.

That resulted in Baltimore County Central Committee to draw up a resolution, which was passed by the Subcommittee and later the full committee during an executive session.

“If we don’t stand up to dirty politics within in our own party, we have no right to stand up to it by Democrats,” said Ray Boccelli Chair of the Administration and Ethics Subcommittee. “This just wasn’t an assault on the campaign, this was an assault on the First Amendment.”

The Central Committee has been criticized by many for not acting fasting and not seeking a harsher punishment for McDonough but the GOP can’t remove a candidate from the ballot.

“We have done all we are authorized to do,” GOP Central Committee Chair Kathleen Smero said. “The rest is up to law enforcement and the voters.”

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